Various – Digital DJ 01: Markus Son Kite (Digital Structures)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003



Mix albums aren’t to everyone’s tastes but those who prefer to be a passenger rather than a pilot, at least from time to time, will seriously dig this. Marcus raids his box and mixes to perfection (bar a couple of errors only detectable to serious and friendless trainspotters.) Etnoscope and Eargear provide a wicked startup that really gets thinsg going, then things progress sweetly to Son Kite’s defiant, ephemeral remix of Vernon’s Wonderland, and somewhere between Antix’s I Wanna Be and Qlap’s Went Mental in Mexico, the temperature rises nicely. Ticon’s We Are The Mammoth Hunters and Son Kite’s Reewo are sublime and utterly wonderful tunes in their own right, and they sound even better together like this, and ending out with Shaman’s Tantrum and Emou’s Summer Is Old the overall effect is a smooth, effortless mix bringing in a good suite of progressive trance. Nice stuff.


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