Space Tribe – Heart Beat (Spirit Zone)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003


We may have all lost count of how many albums he’s done, and we may question whether the world really needs another one, but general trance wisdom teaches us that (1) Olli Wisdom can do whatever the hell he wants and (2) any questions, please refer to point one. Generally it’s much as you’d expect, with his organic, floor twisting, energy-rising sound filling the room like a kaleidoscopic fart. Heart Beat, All Senses Vibrating RU Enlightened and Lights in the Sky are all proper Space Tribe fodder – nothing wrong with that (refer to point two) but those expecting to have their trance perceptions challenged might be better sniffing around elsewhere. Tweaked Eyeballs with Psywalker and the awesome The Acid Test with Boris Blenn (Electric Universe) are two real standouts, indicating that maybe Olli ought to do some more collaborations. Sounds everywhere, energy building up like crazy, and some of the most danceable and humorous grooves around. What’s That Sound takes things a little darker and more manic with an effective bit of lysergic outdoor meltdown nonsense, and closing track Reality or Make Believe is the perfect trip accompaniment, with blistering 303’s all over tight and moody melodies. All in all it’s just what we’d expect – blistering and colourful music with all the dials turned up to eleven.


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