Sesto Sento – The Inner Light (ComPact)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003



Having heard a few Sesto tunes previously, psyreviews got all excited at the prospect of this album. The packaging, the artwork, and the whole attitude of the music on the CD suggest something refreshingly different. The album builds up to a series of peaks, starting out with the heavy-set and groovy Ray Of Medication which sets the style of a clever blend between progressive and fullon, with killer lines and plenty of changes. Run On Green adds some cute pads to the mix, and the funky and persistent Snoofkin Back is perfect for those moments when you want to raise the vibe without raising the roof – good lines, good groove. Things get big with Follow Me, with twists and sawcuts and heavy outdoor basslines, a feel that’s expanded with the big peak rushes of Goadzilla. Snail Of A Tail is massive whichever way you look at it, with mayhem crashing about all over a rolling thunder backbone. Spank To Tor is a quirky, danceable little number with plenty of charm and finally Getting Fused eases back to normality with a cute and fluffy melody sliding nicely over beefy bassline. Not quite up to the inventive and boggling minimalia of some of their previous stuff, but interesting and worth checking if you’re after a happy medium between dark, full on and progressive.


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