Ott – Blumenkraft (Twisted)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003



Okay, so it’s not box fresh new right now – but in terms of what you may have missed while psyreviews was on its largely involuntary sabbatical, this is up there at the top of the heap. Yeah, we knew Ott from his dub reworks of Hallucinogen’s tunes, but we weren’t expecting this. Much like the first shpongle album, Blumenkraft came along and made a whole new genre of music, all for itself. It’s not ambient trance, it’s not post-clubb monging music, and it’s not dub. Probably what it is, is the result of years worth of accidental messing around with music, a happy accident of circumstances and herbs that just seems to hang together like a spaghetti sculpture. It formed the background music to the Samothraki chillout stage (every time I hear it now I think of butterflies and the beach), it’s been the soundtrack to thousands of post-party summer people making their way home, it’s been shagged to and driven to and played at perfect times of the night in clubs, bars, living rooms… One of the priviliges of being human is knowing that, more or less, your genitals will always remain attached to the rest of you. The other is knowing that music like this exists, is being produced, and sits happily among the very top cd’s in your collection.


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