Aphid Moon – High Diver (Dragonfly)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003

For a chunk of last year, it looked like psychedelic London in 2002 belonged to Aphid Moon. A couple of storming singles, some contemporary-legendary live sets in east end venues… the wrapping didn’t stay on this CD for long. But, and it pains me to report this and I only do so out of duty and global compassion, apart from the singles there’s not much else to get excited about. A Lot Of Radio sounds every bit as good as it did when I first heard it and got so excited I almost dropped my sheep, the wonderfully restrained synth line is just as effective as the first time you heard it. Likewise Disco Biscuit carries on the chuggy, 21st century, slightly dirty sound that Aphid Moon made his mark with. Boo is messy and hectic and while it pounds with great effect, it lacks a little direction to get your brain moving in time with your feet. Specta has a nice punch, and a good synth hook though some of the hardhousey elements would alienate the outdoor party crowd. High Diver is a couple of shots over par (has anybody else used a golfing analogy in a psytrance review? Psyreviews thinks not!) and while its Hendrix finale crunches and crashes away, it doesn’t quite grab you by the genitals and fling you at the wall like you want it to. I still maintain that Aphid Moon has a classic album in him, but folks this ain’t it.




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