Various – The End Of An Era (Acid Casualties)

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Ahh… the passing of time, eh? Acid Casualties kicked off at a funny old time in trance, one of the first labels set up to explore the progressive edge that psytrance producers were starting to explore.

A string of successful and seminal releases followed – let’s not forget Atmos’ pivotal The Only Process – and now the Acid Casualties label has decided to hang up its boots. Mission accomplished, you might say. The label will resurrect as ACDC, showcasing a housier side to trance as it looks to explore the next new phase of the music, and this indulgent album is a collection of what made the label’s original incarnation so great and so significant.

Vibrasphere’s Airfield is first up, a beautifully crafted and layered tune with a cute edge. Neum’s understated Time Machine follows, with subtle high-ends providing the tension while smooth techno flavours shift in and out with an almost subconscious feel.

Son Kite’s delectable Mirage demonstrates the finer elements of one of the most impressive artists to emerge form the progressive thread. A linear rhythm section keeps things pumping, while the textures and melodies intertwine over the top in characteristic laid-back fashion.

S>Range’s Limousine remix of Boom is a quality slice of what this man does best: a smooth and intricate blend of trance, with subtle melodies evolving to really hook you in. Vibrasphere’s Urban Grace retains more psychedelic phunk, layering simple yet effective melodies and creating a cascading, celebratory feel.

Finally Suggestive Digestive from London Sewer Tour takes centre stage with its sweet melodies shifting in and out of each other, and a deceptively laid-back tempo gives room for complete evolution of the sounds.

A bit of a pivotal album then, and it would be nice to think that the general trance community could call it a day and move into a new area. But until that happens, The End Of An Era is a near-essential collection of what’s made the progressive style so sweet over the years.

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