Various – Solstice (Solstice Music)

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I know we’re a bit late on this one, but it’s certainly been worth the wait. This beautifully packaged CD is a sheer delight from start to finish, and has something for everybody. The Antidote kicks things off with Analog Activity, and suitably there’s a lot of activity and a fair old portion of it’s analog. It just builds and builds, a great way to kick the album off, and proving that the full psychedelic twist can still move in mysterious and sublime ways.

Synthetic’s Beat Machine is a laid-back and brooding little number, and Saiko Pod’s Sashitarian is a blissfully perky ray of tranceshine. The melody is simple and well-developed, the production is amazing, and its groove is first class psyberfunk. Trotskist from Yumade is a moody and tecchish trailblazer, and Stereo Tonine from Bio-Tonic is half-progressive, half-psychedelic, and all-chunky. The tight rhythm section provides the backbone for some diverse samples and melodies to phase in and out in a tickly and fun way.

The Red Dragon from GMS is, surprise surprise, insane full on stuff from the Ibiza-based mayhem merchants, making full ue of their trademark metallic growls, a characteristically manic acid-led break, and more rude attitude than Uraguay’s tackles. Alien Project Vs Orion step in with Stoned Bambin, a tune with so much energy it could fuel a city in the winter. The break is a staggeringly well-crafted buildup of sounds, and it evolves into a noisy and energetic finale – proper job.

The gradual and understated return of Total Eclipse continues with Eleusis, complete with trademark boingy acid lines, and sounding like something was frozen in 1997 and has just been thawed out with awesome 21st century kick. This is a huge tune folks, likely to do the business on a lot of dancefloors this summer.

Antidote Vs Synthetic’s La Piedra Escondida is perhaps one of the tastiest collaborations in recent months and if twisty bass, rampant acid and solid kick is your bag (and trust me, it is) then this certainly delivers. Building up to a comfortable proggy break, it starts up again with added snarl, gorgeously layered melodies and a full on acid finale.

And if that wasn’t enough, El Presagio from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly closes the album on a dark and funky tip, less manic than some of their other output but still maintaining a quality and high-octane feel.

This is a truly smashing compilation – the production is superb, the spirit is beautiful and the music is some of the finest around at the moment. I’m going on holiday next week – and this is coming with me.

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