Various – Prooved (Cyber Tribe / NTT)

Posted in Reviews 2002 by - June 09, 2002

The Prooved DJ’s are some of Germany’s finest, playing a layered and progressive blend of psychedelic trance to funky-fresh audiences and featuring heavily on the German festival circuit. Starting out with a very sweet and laidback introduction.

Trancefeld’s Are You Prooved? kicks things off in a deliciously muted and funky style. Tobias and Daniel Sun follow with Monalisa Overdrive, a wonderfully tasty and smooth morning tune complete with astronaut samples (yay!) and a tasty, linear buildup. High-end emotion is taken care of by the cute pads that veer in and out, while shimmering midsection melodies provide the root. A slightly cheesy key change is saved by the transporting effect of the tune as a whole – this is impressive stuff.

Sly Flynn & D-Nox’s Studioline is a linear tecchy builder-upper, and Space Safari’s delightful Interplay is a tasty blend of playful melodies and textures grooving around a tight percussive backbone. It’s awesome, and very individual with its universally loveable grooves. Alegria’s Moves is a warm and fresh tune, with plenty of crossover appeal and a nice and tight danceability throughout. The Outro, produced by the Prooved team, is a smooth and succinct close to proceedings with its downtempo vibe and brain-tickling slomo 303’s.

And if that wasn’t enough, the exquisite dub remix of Trancefeld’s Are You Prooved? courtesy of Dope Jones. Sleazy sax pours out the speakers and creates a deliciously warm and smokey vibe. Sounding better still in the still-fresh context of the original, yet standing out wonderfully on its own with its hip hop infusions and sassy, stoned vibe.

This album is very impressive – it’s a genuinely fresh and interesting slant on things, and there’s enough here to keep you happily grooving all summer long.

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