Various – Dragon Tales 4 (Tatsu)

Posted in Reviews 2002 by - June 02, 2002
The fourth in the Dragon Tales series follows the same trajectory as the previous releases, concentrating on a stripped-down and semi-melodic techno-trance fusion. This CD, featuring a bonus “spare copy” to give to a friend (or keep for your car or whatever) has good progression throughout, starting with the grass roots and finishing up with a mature, textured melodic feel.
Feelin’ Alright from Leif Hatfield is a slightly dodgy opening tune, pitched at an awkward sort of midtempo and being a bit too sparse and serious to make any waves. Luckily the cyberfunk of Ryan Halifax’s Progress gets things moving, making measured use of some damn nice pads over a tight techno backbone.
Sly Flynn & D-Nox’s 8 Bit Discussion builds up cutely into a nice little number, with effective but understated melodies, and Oryx’s Sergio is good n’ bouncy, with melodies jostling for attention but never going too far over the top. It’s got good tight programming and the way it moves and shuffles around the room is delightful. Like it.
Final track Rollerball from Melounge is another sweet tune, layering the melodies and building them up in true progressive style. Nice, subtle stuff from Tatsu.
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