Kluster – Bug Fix (Digital Psionics)

Posted in Reviews 2002 by - June 02, 2002
Prepare for lift off. On the back of their track Misty Dist on last year’s criminally overlooked Psionic Tonic compilation, Kluster’s debut album is mental, meaty stuff.
Swedes Michael Pettersson and Henrik Carlsson make angry, twisted metal music that should come with a government health warning. Don’t Believe is a warped cacophony of driving bass and metallic stabs and twists, and No Doubt is more of the same with added groove and wickedly-placed samples. Freaky Fobi is the last thing you want to hear at the peak of a key, nasty ketamine moment, with its mechanoid tinge and firm psychiatric outpatient flurries.
Unconscious takes the tried and tested outdoor stomp bass and proceeds to butcher proceedings with evil sonic wargames and blipping insect farts. Higher Learning is a squiffy, green, fuzzy, bouncing nightime chase around an enchanted village green, and Lumbago is a bouncy, analogue pong-fest that should probably be kept away from your children.
Xibaldi will have you running scared behind the sofa, and closing track Lava is a lysergic-dripping finale of nonspecific groove, maximum confusion and shattering snares. The sounds throughout pan around the room nicely, and are used to top-notch effect in creating the hallucino-nightmare feelings that they execute so well.
Uneasy listening perhaps, and totally bewildering, but as such it’s a true triumph of daftness and spookiness above all else, and further reinforced Digital Psionics’ position as one of the weirdest psychedelic labels on the planet. 
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