Various – Psychedelically Yours – Parvati

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Various – Psychedelically Yours – Parvati (Denmark)
If you like your LSD in liquid form, your chai black and treacley, and your tunes full on and banging as if it was a vibrant 1996 night in Disco Valley, look no further.
Psychedelically Yours is the second album from the Parvatti stable, a bunch who love the full moon party ethic with unswerving loyalty and passion. Neutral Control’s Try It! is stomping with a blistering high-end, and Droidsect’s Poltergeist, remixed by Digital Talk, is warped and gritty: with its hefty bass and manic high-ends, it doesn’t let up. Digital Blood from Psycho Micro is, well, ultra-psycho like a huge robot warming up for a 4-4 assault on a plastic Tokyo. It has that Hallucinogen-esque 4-3 feel and more balls than the world cup.
Psycho Talk’s Disease is a peak-time frenzy of stabs, high end melodies and bass that takes no prisoners, and has the grinding feet firmly in full effect. Heads are well and truly in the blender with Dark Nebula’s Order of Creation, and the blistering, delightful Crime Association from erm, Crime Association is another assault on the senses, with unflinching drums, manic squeaks and a full-tilt groove.
With Digital Talk stepping in with Angehell to round things off, any brain cells you still have intact will be either destroyed or elevated to a very high level of vibration with its poingy-everywhere escalating acidlines and schizophrenic pads.
If you’re bummed at the absolute lack of full-on mayhem these days, you need look no further – formulaic as it may be, this is a chunky album of adamantly satisfying trance nonsense.
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