Various – Inside – 3D Vision

Posted in Reviews 2002 by - May 26, 2002
Further proof that France is the most psychedelic playground of them all in 2002. Following on from last year’s divine 3D Story, the Paris boys pull out all the stops with this collection of blistering kaleidoscopic stompers.
Absolum and Alien Project kick things off as N.B.K. with Gravitation Or Distortion, and it’s rush-rush-rush from the word go. Straight in, with a 16th-heavy bassline, analog FX and killer snares… this, my friends, is the stuff we dream about. The samples are perfect, the noises are jaw-dropping, there’s energy all over the place… I’m in love.
Absolum’s Pulse v.2.01 has tons of energy again, and everything in the right place. Melodies scratch all over in a kind of random way, and the tight rhythm section keeps it pumping. Alien Project Vs. Celli’s Yoffi Cannalis is good stuff again, a real studio meltdown tune that’s kicking all the way and finishes on a high.
While you’re still reeling, Talamasca vs. Matt come in with Sabotage, and yeah… it hits the spot alright. A wicked kick, wonderful 303’s that are delayed just right to get deep into your brain… yummy, and this is how it should be done. The breakdown leads into further dimensions of banging party madness, this is sheer amazement and guaranteed to get them jumping up and down like little goa aliens.
Logic Bomb’s Son of Satan is a driving, melodic apocalypse, and Nomad’s Cabaret is a relentlessly full-on growlathon. Jaia’s Mad Processor Inside is an INTELligent (sorry) stomp through the digital forest, with a perfect rhythm section building up to one of the most pure and satisfying floorgrinders of the year, with a cheeky half-tempo break and a final run that’s perfectly set to the outdoor peak-time moments.
This is a killer compilation – dust out your fractal trousers and reapply your bindi, it’s going to be a full-on summer.
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