Double Impact – Zero – Lunamusic

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Double Impact – Zero – Lunamusic (Israel)
Lunamusic’s debut release sees the return of the legendary Eddie Mis, guesting with Guy Landen, Rai Cohen-Alloro and Eitan Mahlev in a right old Israeli mash-up. It’s pitched to the moody, minimal end of dark trance, and while you’re always waiting for something to come along and amaze you, it rarely happens over the course of this uncomfortable album.
The dubby intro of Zero Gravity is promising, with its different feel and uncertain grooves, but immediately after Genetic Synthetic signals Eddie Mis’s return with a question mark, featuring very weak 303’s that are no mystery to anybody who’s used Rebirth for ten minutes.
Techno-mini-beat has a solid groove and a nice chuggy resonance, but being completely devoid of any presence whatsoever it seems kind of pointless. Closing track Night Train is a beatless stab at the downtempo-cinematic number, and given as nothing happens over the protracted course of the track, it doesn’t really work.
Only on Zero Point Energy does everything come together, and probably by accident rather than craft. It’s dark, menacing and the energy’s just pitched right. The breakdown sounds like a tornado’s coming, and the fallout is an angelic bit of stomp madness.
Overall, this album is a disappointment – there’s far better stuff of this sort around right now.
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