Abracadabra – Abracadabra – Hadshot

Posted in Reviews 2002 by - May 26, 2002
Abracadabra – Abracadabra – Hadshot (Germany)
What the hell is this all about then. I think it was released at the end of 2001, but it’s only just arrived here and it’s odd enough and quirky enough to mention it here.Back down to earth, and it’s a set of midtempo, semi-chilled future-organic trancers, with a stack of live instruments (including didge, congas, guitars, sax and hardcore turntablism) thrown in for good measure.
Jungle Fever is heavy on the didge, and has a tribal feel reminiscent of rootsy Medicine Drum or Juno Reactor pitched down a shade. City Juice is a very slinky, uber-cool bit of hip hop with a radio-friendly housiness; it should, and easily could, be number one. Salsalipso is an experimental omelette of styles and threads, and it’s a little too nonspecific to hold its own.
The epic A Cabin Near The Swamp is a deeply meditative sound experiment, a little wandering perhaps, and the steel band sunshine reggae of aqua child is delightfully chummy, with nice melodies and advert-friendly musical shenanigans. Nature Calling is didge-led ambient world music, rounding things off to a mellow, if inconclusive, finale.
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