Violet Vision – First Sign of Communication – (Yo-Yo / BNE)

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Violet Vision – First Sign of Communication – Yo-Yo / BNE (Israel)

Violet Vision are two 20-year old lads from Israel, and this their first release is a brave stab at making a mark in the psychedelic leftfield. First things first, and this is unmissable, there’s a hell of a lot of Shpongle in here – from the warped flute on Substance 44, the twisted breakbeats of Divine Conflict, and the breathy Momentary Lapse Of Consciousness. Add to this the psychedelic jungle of Inside the Glass Shell and Gray Matter, and you’re looking at an album of two halves. The breakbeat stuff is inventive, although at times noodly, and has a lot of genuine surprises. However all too often the downtempo tunes lack the direction and clarity that sets Shpongle aside from the rest. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nifty little album with plenty of twists and more inventiveness than a lot of the stuff around at the moment – it just tries to accomplish too much in one go.


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