Various – The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (TipWorld)

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The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Tip.World (UK)

History lesson. Record label Tip produced arguably the best psychedelic trance albums ever released. Their Yellow, Orange and Blue compilations ot a lot of people hooked on trance, wih their trademark brainbubble sound, relentless kick amd feelgood, open vibe. Tip World is the second incarnation of the label and represents a deeper, more underground sound, quietly releasing albums of consistently high quality while keeping true to their mystic outdoor roots and showcasing the best producers around. And this, folks, is a serious contender for best trance album ever released. Legend has it that the thirteen crystal skulls are buried around the world, and that they contain hidden secrets about the origins and future of humanity. Apparently, we will discover these skulls at a crucial time in mankind’s history, when the knowledge needs to be made available to us. One crystal was found recently, in Peru – and while this has led to some very far-out and, one would assume, lucrative new age books and “workshops”, it’s also provided excelent breeding ground for possibly the finest psytrance concept album. Alien Project steps up first, offering a bubbling dubscape that gives way to a stomp-inducing outdoor slice of paradise. Cyberbabas fuse lovely acid lines with proper kicks making for a real celebration – uplifting but never cheesy. Trance superman Doof goes deeper still into a blissfully long excursion, and Logic Bomb and GMS offer mean, fast footing party tunes with attitude and beauty in equal measures. Trancespotters will be most excited by an all-new tune from Shpongle, that moves from their trademark otherworldly chill into a true trance celebration of all things crystalline. A wonderfully-conceived album full of everything that makes this music great. You simply can’t afford to miss this.


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