Various – 9 Pills (Neurobiotic)

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Various – 9 Pills – Neurobiotic (Italy)

Twisted mayhem from Italy’s finest! Neurobiotic deliver psychotic, in-ya-face messy trance, and this their second album showcases more highlights. Progo from Paste is typical of their addictive, stripped-down and snarling style, and Go Ahead from Spiritual is a corker – a right old firecracker to blaze the night away. Joti Sidhu’s Juice moves like an old-skool monster and tiptoes the line between excellent and unlistenable with poetic grace. Earthling’s Dusty Hoffman is awesome, a real peak-time nightmarish leap forward, with shifting textures everywhere and rhythms all over the place – brilliant. Closing track Detonator from Bus does exactly what its title says – if your brain’s still in your skull by this time, it should finish things off a treat!


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