Talamasca – Musica Divinorum (Spiral Trax)

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Musica Divinorum

Spiral Trax (Sweden)

This will have had trance afficionados chomping at the bit – Talamasca’s long awaited follow up to Beyond The Mask has been in the pipeline for just too long, and now it’s finally here I recommend you beg, steal or borrow to get your hands on a copy. Psychedelic Knights kicks things off with its tight rhythms, wonderful melody lines, a huge siren and some wicked samples that increase the intensity in just the right amount. Magnetic Fields was a big hit this summer, with dreamy samples, great melodies and a smooth progression through the tune. Title track Musica Divinorum is a belter, darker and with buddhist chanting samples, it kicks like an angry mule and doesn’t let up. The Old School and Time Simulation are gorgeous and possibly two of the best tunes of the year. They harp back to the Goa days of yesteryear, with loads of melody, old fashioned kick and spacey outdoor mayhem throughout. These two will ignite any dancefloor, and provide a great soundtrack for the forthcoming new year mashups! Why Not is a quirkier number with a more laid back vibe, and closing track Joint O’Clock is, as the name might suggest, a stoned dubby groove that settles the pace nicely back down to earth. Quality all the way then, and an essential album for anybody who says the music has lost its original spirit.



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