Hallucinogen – LSD Remixes (Twisted)

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Hallucinogen - LSD Remixes – Twisted (UK)

It may be six years old, and it may well have been the tune that started everythig for fans of this genre, but Hallucinogen’s LSD still sounds wicked, and remains a high watermark in the scene’s colourful history. Dado aka Synthetic offers a solid, linear interpretation revolvering around the subtle use of the original’s sounds, melodies and signatures. It’s a listenable, catchy version with huge breakdowns and a peak that will seriously ignite a crowd. Oliver Lieb turns in a rework of his earlier remix, and is a more minimal, Euro-style floating trancer with great movement and huge crossover potential. Both are hugely danceable and certainly destined to make their mark, but the psychedelic purists among you will still be hankering for the ultimate – an updated rework of the tune by Hallucinogen himself.



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